Leave the planning and packing up to your TIAs!

Whether you’re flying in to town and don’t want to schlepp your gear or you’re just not sure whether you’re ready to invest in a set of your own, we’ve got you! We have complete kits to set you up with all your needs or a little of this, a little of that to fill in the gaps. Our kits also come with some quirky how-to-use guides, in case you need that quick refresher (we know you’ve got this).


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Sleeping Bag

Wrap up the day in this warm hug of a sleeping bag. These 20 degree bags will make sure body temperature is the last thing on your mind after a long day of peddling.

Retail Value: $150

Sleeping Pad

Did you know one of the easiest ways to ensure a good (and warm) nights rest is by elevating yourself a few inches off the ground? Weird, we know. But it’s true! Sleeping pads have long been a down played hero in the camping world sleep setup. Don’t forget yours!

Retail Value: $90


We can get pretty in-tents about.. tents. They’re your shelter, home, game room, dream keeper, layer of polyester between you and that sound you heard coming from over there.. they’re important. We stand by these Big Agnes tents that have been all of those things to us and more. Whether you’re flying solo in search of an inward journey or rolling deep with your rowdy crew, we’ve got you covered.

Retail Value: $270-$350 *dependent on size

Camp Chair

Sure your legs are working hard but what about that booty? It deserves a break too! It’s a little packable hammock with four legs and one of the greater luxuries on a trip you’re not carrying the gear on your back. Treat yourself!

Retail Value: $100


Are they a little nerdy looking? Maybe. Do people get cranky when you look their way and shine intense lumens directly into their fragile pupils? Yes. But will you be entirely grateful for the hands free light source when you’re sleep walking to the bathroom late at night? Absolutely.

Retail Value: $50

Packable Pillow

We won’t try to sell you here, you’re either a pillow person or you aren’t. I mean it’s just a pillow that packs to a size smaller than your Nalgene and has a layer a memory foam, tough call.

Retail Value: $40

The Complete Tag Along Kit

Don’t let that invite slip away! This gear kit is for those that need a quick and easy sleep setup so you’re not asking about how that trip went, you’re telling them.

Retail Value: $300

The Complete Necessities Kit

Doing a quick overnight trip? Not concerned about cooking meals or extra frills? This is a great option for those in need of…the complete necessities.

TL;DR: Tag Along Kit + Tent & Headlamp

Retail Value: $650

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