Who is TIA?


TIA Outfitters (pronounced "tee-uh") from the Spanish word meaning Auntie. Our Aunties are the adventurous women in our lives who give great advice, encourage us to explore, empower us to be independent and have our backs. Whether you choose to go backpacking on the John Muir Trail or drive to the Central Coast to camp with friends, we’ll be your TIAs when it comes to your outdoor gear

Our ultimate goal is to empower you to get outside and to make the outdoors accessible to those who want to enjoy it. We’re on a mission to remove obstacles by renting high-quality camping gear.

We're a women-run Bay Area outfitter committed to facilitating memorable experiences in the great outdoors by renting the gear you need for the adventure you seek. We’re nature geeks and fresh air junkies. We explore the outdoors both for work and play, and the time we spend inside is planning our next adventure. And in the Bay Area, we’re overloaded with options to explore -- mountains, coastline, deserts and valleys. The question is: are you adventure ready?

You bring the adventure, we bring the gear
Questions? Check out our FAQ or drop us a line: info@tiaoutfitters.com